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iLuv iCS810BLK ePen Pro-Stylus with Pen for the  iPad (iCS810BLK)

iLuv iCS810BLK ePen Pro-Stylus with Pen for the  iPad (iCS810BLK)

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More and more people are using tablets in classrooms, art studios, and office settings. Apps and reading programs call for highlighting, underlining, or drawing with a precision more accurate than a finger swipe can afford. The ePen Pro, which has a built-in ink pen, delivers the precision that you need, without imparting unsightly fingerprints on your screen.   Prevent Fingerprints and Smudges Keep the screen of your smartphone or tablet clean with the ePen Pro. Operate your device and access all of its features and functions without smudging the screen. Touchscreens tend to accumulate fingerprints and smudges, but with the ePen Pro you don't have to set a single finger on your screen.   Ideal for Taking Notes   The ePen Pro is ideal for anyone who frequently takes notes on their smartphones or tablets. The stylus is smooth and easy to use, granting a degree of precision that using a finger alone doesn't t provide. Write notes directly to your device or use the stylus to highlight and underline text. If you need to write something down on paper, simply flip the ePen Pro around and use the pen.   Convenient Pocket Clip   The ePen Pro is designed to be convenient and easy to use. The inclusion of a pocket clip makes it easier for you to keep track of your ePen Pro. Clip it to your folder, notebook, or pocket to always have it on hand.

  • Prevent fingerprints and smudges using the stylus on your touchscreen .
  • Ideal for taking notes or for highlighting and underlining text for reference .
  • Pen-like pocket clip for extra convenience .
  • Dual-function stylus with a highly engineered, silky smooth pen on one end .
  • Great for GALAXY Tab devices, tablets and smartphones.


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